After Michael died I remember saying to his Visiting Nurse that if I just knew he was okay I could go on with my life. She said to me that every time I see a penny it is Michael letting me know that he is fine. Since that day 11 years ago I have found pennies in the most unexpected ways. One of those times was at the parade for the Red Sox after they won the World Series in 2004. Michael had been a season ticket holder and like so many others never did get to see that moment. We took his picture with us and watched the Duck Boats with all the players. Thousands of people and at one point I was so afraid of being pushed I looked down and there was a penny at my feet.There are many other stories that I keep in my heart. One day not too long ago I heard a commercial (I don’t even know what it was for) and they were talking about some obscure holidays, one being Lucky Penny Day. So I sat down and googled it to see if it really existed. Although the origins were unknown there really is a Lucky Penny Day celebrated the same day every year. And that day is today May 23rd. Well that brought a huge smile to my face and my heart. Today is Michael’s 65th birthday. You gotta believe…

Happy Birthday Michael Zuker and happy Lucky Penny Day to everyone. Make it a good one!!!

AuthorJonathan Zuker