This Cyber Monday, Let’s Do Something Real.

A couple of years ago I read about a company that asked for $5 on Cyber Monday for no purpose. People gave them money. A lot of money. One of the things they spent the money on was to dig a hole. For no reason they dug a big, useless, random hole in the ground. Well, the cancer community is actually in a hole. And one dollar at a time we are digging ourselves out of it. If you can donate $5, we'll do something much better with that money. 100% of your donation through Monday will be used to purchase gift cards to surprise patients being treated at Boston Medical Center. Last year we donated 50 gift cards. This year we are also donating to the pediatric wish list at the Mass General Cancer Center.

Cyber Monday

JtP Calendar 2019 CCC-01.jpg

2019 Calendar

This year we have a treat. The first 50 donations of $50 will receive a hand signed Jonathan the Painter's 2019 Colorful Calendar to help Conquer Cancer! You can make a difference every day of the year.

Together, we are going to make Cyber Monday Count. For Real.

Our Plate

Everyday, thousands of Massachusetts Driversare driven to make a difference with a Conquer Cancer License Plate on their cars...

Our Garden

The Cancer Garden of Hope on Boston City Hall Plaza is located right in the heart of the city and features your engraved bricks and plaques...

Our Brush

The Painter Without Borders Concept is Simple. Painting creates meaningful conversations, an unexpected escape, and can facilitate healing...

Our Mission is to bring hope and healing to the cancer community.

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